Headed by entrepreneur Ken Varejes as CEO, Nfinity is the latest innovation hub to land in the media, marketing and eventing fields. Varejes was most recently the founder and CEO of Primedia Unlimited, the country’s largest groupings of Out of Home companies.

Mostly specialising in the Out of Home space, Nfinity is poised as a space for entrepreneurs to grow and better their businesses under the guidance of Ken and his growing management team, each a specialist in their own fields. It is envisaged that over the next four years the Group, with a consortium of investors, will include a wide portfolio of media properties and companies.

Nfinity currently has established shareholding/presence or license in the following companies:

Influencer Marketing

theSALT – micro or community influencers

theSALT Logo_Rectangle_1

With access to a database of over 90 000 every day people, the business, by using existing brand fans as the vehicle, has built a solid reputation for driving consumer activity through influencer marketing. theSALT adds the final touch to any broad based marketing campaign by introducing real consumers to the mix, whom actively act as ambassadors for the brand through their interaction on social media and one-on-one conversations within their areas of influence and engagement.

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Webfluential – celebrities and bloggers

With state of the art technology, this business becomes the link between celebrity type influencers and brands.  With over 27 000 influencers registered onto the platform and access to the latest AI technology, it’s never been easier to link brands to the right and trusted influencers.  Influencers become the content creators and story tellers, sharing these with their audiences and building brands in the process.

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theIntern-ship – in-house/employee advocacy


Most executives would agree that the single biggest asset of their organisation would be their people.  theIntern-ship understands this principle and looks to further leverage the potential of those individuals for the organisation by creating additional online media exposure points that would otherwise not be exploited.  Importantly though, the programme is designed to benefit the participants themselves through facilitated learning that helps them to expand their skillsets and grow their personal professional brand.

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Nfinity Digital

logo_nfinitydigiNfinity Digital was born out of the understanding that the Internet of Things (IoT) has a direct impact on nearly every aspect of our lives. Marketers have long since realised that Digital marketing is an important and integral component in any campaign.

While looking to offer services in this regard, the company does not aim to compete in the traditional digital media arena. It rather looks to procure and market digital properties that offer value outside of the traditional media space. In other words, instead of competing in the mainstream digital media arena, Nfinity Digital looks to offer marketers something different that can make their communication that much more unique, meaningful and impactful.

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Adcolony940x500Adcolony is the highest quality mobile advertising and marketing platform, delivering primetime advertising for today’s mobile world. Headed in South Africa by Andrew Kramer, the company is a global leader in innovative in-app mobile video advertising, offering consumers access to HD ad experiences across 16 000 mobile apps. Globally reaching TV-sized audiences of 1.6 billion consumers month-to-month, AdColony has a significant number of unique users across all major African markets.

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Events and Promotion


Orange Block 884x500If you’re looking to add some dynamic flair to your events and functions, OrangeBlock is what you need. OrangeBlock caters for corporate events, product launches, press conferences, corporate meetings/ conferences, marketing programmes, road shows, grand opening events, special corporate hospitality events, award ceremonies, launch/release parties and commercial events. Our team of professionals take care of every aspect, including all creative, technical and logistical elements of the event. We’ll always find the ideal solution for you regardless of your budget ensuring your event is a resounding success.

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Whisky Live

logo_whisky_skylineWhisky Live offers a range of Whisky tasting events year-round to suit every palate, from the ‘just curious’ newcomer to Whisky, to the seasoned connoisseur.

There is no whisky event too big or small: from bespoke tastings, tailor-made to suit executive client’s individual preferences, to Whisky Live Celebrations in Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban – traditionally held in the first six months of the year – to the world’s biggest event of its kind, Whisky & Spirits Live, held annually in November in Sandton.

Whisky & Spirits Live now offers a range of hand-selected premium gins and other spirits.

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Visual Branding

Tuk Tuk

logo_tuktukBrand a Tuk Tuk – Shesha Tuks are the only legalised Tuk Tuk fleet authorised to transport passengers for payment in and around the Sandton and Rosebank CBDs. Nfinity has the branding rights for the exterior and interior screens on 33 Shesha Tuks that operate on a daily basis, currently branded by Old Mutual. An additional 20 Cell C branded Tuk Tuks can be seen in Hatfield, Pretoria. These unique vehicles definitely command attention.