Meet Ken

Ken Varejes completed his B.Comm (Honours) at the University of Natal before plunging into further post-graduate studies while lecturing at Natal Technikon on the subject of media and marketing strategy.

He started his marketing and sales career at SABC in Natal before being transferred to Johannesburg to look after the national operation in the marketing services division. Ken left the SABC and was appointed Marketing Director of TaxiNet. The company then evolved into ComutaNet, South Africa’s leading commuter advertising organisation. After a short spell as Deputy Managing Director, in 1997 Ken took the reign as Managing Director where the company grew into 7 profitable operating divisions.

In 2003 he was appointed Chief Operating Officer for Primedia Out of Home and the Commuter Media Divisions of Primedia. Towards the end of 2004 Primedia Limited approached Ken to launch and lead a new media division for the Group. The result was Primedia Unlimited, a division that has developed 11 and acquired 4 innovative communication companies and contributed to strengthening the position of ambient media in this country.

Since launching Primedia Unlimited in September 2004, Ken actively sought to expand the company’s stable of non-traditional media offerings. He believes in nourishing the entrepreneurial spirit by acquiring burgeoning businesses and leveraging the Group’s network, thereby maximising client benefits and growing the individual companies. Ken left the Primedia Group in 2015 where he ensured a sustained 36% compound growth year on year over the 11 years since he started the business.

Ken started 2016 with his latest venture “Nfinity” which operates in the OOH and digital environment where he has already acquired and started six companies. Its small beginnings but with a focus to grow the space with an eye on bigger things.

Ken lives by the mantra that “Tomorrow is another day – Tomorrow is a better day”.