Nfinity Digital was born out of the understanding that the Internet of Things has a direct impact on nearly every aspect of our lives. Marketers have long since realised that Digital marketing is an important and integral component in any campaign.

Nfinity Digital, whilst looking to offer services in this regard, does not aim to compete in the traditional digital media arena. It rather looks to procure and market digital properties that offer value outside of the traditional media space. In other words, instead of competing in the mainstream digital media arena, Nfinity Digital looks to offer marketers something different that can make their communication that much more unique, meaningful and impactful.


A great example of this philosophy is URUP, an engagement tool that amplifies any campaign or communication by encouraging the audience to digitally engage with a product, brand or message. During this interaction, they learn and absorb key information whilst being entertained. The sophisticated database handling and reporting software solution allows for the building and publishing of campaign-linked engagements in minutes, and returns detailed reporting and analytics in real time.

URUP has already proven itself highly effective at not only amplifying a variety of marketing campaigns, but also as an extremely effective training tool. The reward and competitive nature of the interactions means that learning is experienced as fun and exciting, rather than a boring chore.

The modularity of the tool rally allows any user journey to be built and for the tool to be repurposed to a variety of uses – from RSVP handling to service evaluation and Net Promoter Score generation.