Nfinity Digital was born out of the understanding that the “Internet of Things” has a direct impact on nearly every aspect of our lives and this will grow in volume exponentially. Marketers have long since realised that digital marketing is an important and integral component in any campaign.

Nfinity Digital, whilst looking to offer services in this regard, does not aim to compete in the traditional digital media arena. It rather looks to procure and market digital properties that offer value outside of the traditional media space. In other words, instead of competing in the mainstream digital media arena, Nfinity Digital looks to offer marketers something different that can make their communication that much more unique, meaningful and impactful.


A great example of this philosophy is URUP, a RSA-founded communication tool that amplifies any campaign by encouraging the audience to digitally engage in a matter of seconds. The audience learns and absorbs key information whilst being taken through the user-friendly interface and being immersed in the brand.

The platform behaves like an app and has all the functionality of an app (video capability, take a photo, polls, surveys, noticeboards, feedback, questionnaires, gamification etc) but can be engaged without downloading or registration. Through the ‘sandbox’ admin portal you can build, edit and change any communication by picking from the components relevant to your message and plugging them together to produce a fully digital solution in a matter of hours. This is a fraction of the time it would normally take to build a smartphone, but more importantly: a fraction of the cost.

The other game-changer is the sophisticated database handling software. It returns detailed reporting and analytics in real time and is highly effective at not only amplifying a variety of marketing campaigns, but also as an extremely effective training tool. The reward and competitive nature of the interactions means that learning is experienced as fun and exciting, rather than a boring chore.

URUP is doing to online communications and marketing what Uber did to the taxi industry and any slow adopters who overlook this globally disruptive solution do so at their peril.

Some recent results include the following:

  • 1) 283% increase in beverage consumption in a 24-hour campaign by a global beverage giant.
  • 2) 8000 B-to-B app downloads in a single week by a South African services provider.
  • 3) 1850 test drives booked in a 2 week period by a motor industry brand-leader.
  • 4) 97% of 14 000 staff trained on new brand values by one of SA’s leading banks in a 28 hour period.


We think it’s time you connect!


The impression created by any event of function starts long before your guests – be they clients, suppliers or staff – arrive at the event. It is important to set and maintain the desired impression of an event right from the first communication.

Nfinity Digital’s RSVPro tool establishes that first impression through its professional interface and integrated communication system for sending automated confirmation and reminder emails or SMSes. The system is completely customizable to the requirements of the event regardless of the complexity of the requirements.

This includes:

  • 1) Dynamic fields that allow for limited numbers (tracking of seats etc)
  • 2) Date, day or session choices
  • 3) Hospitality and catering requirements
  • 4) Booking of accommodation and flights


The interface is also completely white labelled according to the event’s desired imagery.  From an event management point of view, administrative access gives the ability to edit entries and mark down attendance on the day. There is also built-in email and SMS communication that allows for pre and post-engagement to keep all attendees on the ball, up-to-date and revved up for your affair. This also allows you to gain valuable feedback on how things went to assist in growing your brand and your service offering. Not to mention build a valuable database of your fans.

Go on, step things up and RSVP like a Pro!