The All New Whisky & Spirits Live Festival

Whisky & Spirits Live Festival is the world’s largest Whisky event.  The event is celebrated for bringing whisky lovers, connoisseurs and new sippers under one roof to taste and learn about a massive range of Whiskies plus a premium selection of Rum, Vodka, Gin and other spirits.

This year’s festival is all about bringing people together to enjoy and create great memories, and the 3- night event will take place in Sandton Convention Centre from 6 –8 November.  Guests can expect to experience exciting changes at the Festival from the general layout to a new golden circle area, and to revamped VIP lounges.  The festival will feature an open layout, more accessible and social areas, trendy food trucks, and live entertainment from various performers throughout the night.

The services of the acclaimed event’s company, OrangeBlock, have been retained to ensure that the event is of a world-class standard and that guests will enjoy an unforgettable evening.

For more information, visit the Whisky Live website at, or follow Whisky Live on all social media platforms under the handle “whiskyliveSA”.