First influencer marketing strategy consultancy, Nfluential, opens its doors

The South African influencer industry is booming. Influencer agencies are popping up all over the country and most PR agencies are offering influencer management as part of their core services. It’s the perfect time for a consultancy with a main focus on developing influencer marketing strategies to enter the market. Nfluential, the first of its kind, opened its doors in February 2019 and works with brands and agencies to develop influencer strategies for their influencer campaigns.

In addition to crafting influencer marketing strategies, Nfluential also offers influencer campaign audits to brands in order to determine what worked, what didn’t, and why, in order to consult on a way forward; and project management services to oversee the implementation of influencer campaigns.

The consultancy is headed up by Anne Dolinschek who is no stranger to the influencer market. With a background rooted in Public Relations, she worked at two of the biggest and most awarded agencies in South Africa, Ogilvy PR and Magna Carta. Anne found herself drawn to the digital side of the industry and soon became the influencer guru at these agencies. Realising that brands and agencies were overwhelmed and under-skilled when it came to influencer campaigns, she saw a need in the market for a strategist specialising in this field.

“Education on the influencer industry is at the heart of what we at Nfluential does with a mission to assist brands do great work whilst talking to their relevant target markets,” says Dolinschek. “We’re also proud to be a Nfinity Group partner, which is home to South Africa’s number one influencer marketing group.”

Contact Nfluential for influencer marketing needs at or through the website

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