Ken Varejes talks tenacity and growing businesses

Ken Varejes, Group CEO of media innovation hub Nfinity, says that many business owners reach a point in their life cycle where growth stagnates and they’re not sure how to progress.  

Tenacity is defined in the dictionary as “persistent determination”. This aptly describes the central ethos of the businesses that Ken has taken a vested interest in within Nfinity. “It ties into quality and work ethic which are both critical for success,” he says.

It’s the age old story of being like a bulldog and never giving up. I use the example often of a youngster looking for work – don’t expect to walk into a job. If you want to work for a particular company don’t take no for an answer, camp out on their doorstep, research everything about that company and be prepared to work just for free if you have to get a foot in the door! And importantly, make yourself invaluable! Soon enough they will find a salary for you.”

This is the type of tenacity that makes for entrepreneurial excellence.

An innovator and salesman at heart, Ken believes in elevating his businesses within the media space. “Our businesses offer their intended audiences unique ways to communicate, to engage and that ultimately make a difference to that company’s bottom line.”

“I’ve always said that it’s crucial to have good people around you, and that includes a solid infrastructure of people that perhaps know more than you do in key areas of the business.”

Nfinity offers their existing businesses a solid management backing that includes assistance on financial management, client retention, increasing sales and finding market gaps that need to be filled. “It’s all about having the correct networking contacts and tapping into each other’s networks of people,” comments Ken. “The shared business knowledge, intellectual property and even shared moral support are crucial for any business taking the next step up.”

“We work with people who are passionate about their business, who have the tenacity to achieve, a never say die attitude and who will not give up at the first hiccup along the way. Right now Nfinity has an incredible group of innovative media businesses that are thriving and it’s because each and every MD and member of our team believe in what their business stands for and work 24/7 to achieve the end goal,” he says.

“I believe there’s a ton of opportunity for businesses in South Africa provided you have an offering that will fill a gap in the market and you have complete belief in what you’re selling. Because ultimately if you don’t believe in your own product or service you’ve failed before you’ve begun.

To sum it all up: “Be a bulldog, don’t let go, be persistent and finally, know when to lean on someone for some assistance.”

Nfinity grows again!

Headed by entrepreneur Ken Varejes, Nfinity is an established innovation hub constantly on the lookout for hot pioneering businesses in the media space. The company’s latest partnership includes mobile advertising innovator, AdColony.

Headed in South Africa by Andrew Kramer, AdColony is the global leader in innovative in-app mobile video advertising, offering consumers access to HD ad experiences across the top listed 1000 mobile apps. Reaching TV sized audiences of 1,6 billion unique consumers month to month, AdColony has a significant number of unique users across all major African markets.

“We are focused on delivering the highest quality mobile advertising experiences for our partners, and our business has gained significant traction locally over the past 24 months. We’re thrilled to be working with Nfinity which will give us access to their local expertise and infrastructure, and allow us to further grow in the region,” says AdColony South Africa Managing Director, Andrew Kramer.

“It’s the addition of pioneering platforms like AdColony to the Nfinity group of companies that make us the ‘Big Thinking – Big Ideas’ company,” concludes Varejes. “With AdColony, each ad served is a great visual and fully immersive journey for the user. It’s a great fit for our business.”

The AdColony platform allows advertisers to run campaigns with 100 percent full screen viewability, no buffering, HD-quality video, unparalleled engagement rates and extremely high reach in brand safe environments.

Nfinity DNA
Headed by entrepreneur Ken Varejes as CEO, Nfinity is the latest innovation hub to land in the media, marketing and eventing fields. Nfinity is poised as a space for entrepreneurs to grow and better their businesses under the guidance of Ken and his growing management team, each a specialist in their own field. Nfinity currently has established shareholding and presence in the following companies: AdColony, theSALT, Whisky Live, Whizzky App, Orange Block, Infinity Digital, Oomph and Brand a Tuk Tuk.

AdColony is one of the largest mobile advertising platforms in the world with a reach of more than 1.4 billion users globally. With a mission to elevate the state of mobile advertising by focusing on the highest quality consumer experiences that deliver outcomes for brands and publishers on today’s primetime apps and sites, AdColony is trusted by Fortune 500 brands and more than 85% of the world’s top grossing mobile publishers. Known for our exclusive Instant-Play™ HD video technology, proprietary rich media formats, our global performance advertising business and programmatic marketplace, and our extensive ad SDK footprint in the Top 1000 apps worldwide, we are passionate about helping brands connect with consumers at scale on the most important screen in their lives. A fully-owned subsidiary of Opera ASA, AdColony is a global organization with over 20 offices worldwide.